Reasons to join

We’re always looking for talented people to be part of our network of contracted professionals. 
Join the Gattaca Associate Network and:

  • Be matched with clients or projects that fit your experience, expertise and interests
  • Be in control of which projects you work on and which ones you don’t 
  • Get access to learning materials to develop your knowledge 
  • Attend exclusive networking events and workshops
  • Gain experience working with leading engineering and technology companies 

If you’re currently in a permanent position, thinking of getting back to work after a career break, or are a seasoned associate looking for your next project, there are lots of reasons you may want to contract or freelance as a Gattaca Associate:

  • You can work flexibly 
  • You control your workload
  • You're your own boss

If you’re interested in joining the Gattaca Associate Network, register your interest here