Izzy's story

Job title: Recruitment Consultant
Location: London

Why did you join Gattaca?

I joined Gattaca because it was recommended to me by a school friend and one of the offices happened to be very close to my home.

Describe your Gattaca career so far.

I’ve grown and expanded my skills at pace by being trusted to take on responsibilities early on – I was making calls to candidates and clients in my second week! On a daily basis I get the chance to work alongside a lovely, supportive and funny team as well as with some fascinating companies and candidates who work on amazing and cutting edge technologies - some of which I didn’t even know existed!

How has your career changed or progressed since you joined?

In my second year I was allowed to move to the brand new office at London Bridge that overlooks the River Thames. I was allowed more autonomy with my desk and plans to grow my client base, and it’s now a lot easier for me to visit clients.

What are your career aspirations with Gattaca?

To grow and develop my desk and client base to continue to include fascinating companies, and to get to know more candidates who are creating and developing remarkable products.

Do you have any advice to anybody thinking about joining Gattaca?

Come and meet the teams at one of our open evenings, understand the sectors and the types of people you’ll be working alongside. The working hours, benefits packages and social opportunities beat our competitors easily.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Meeting with companies who need a specific skillset to complete their projects, and knowing I can find them a match with a candidate I know who would love to work there.