Paul's story


Job title: Training Specialist
Location: London

Why did you join Gattaca?
After four successful years as a Recruitment Consultant, I wanted a change. In my previous role I trained and managed a successful consultant and was seen internally as the “go-to” for mentoring many of the new starters. I took a lot of enjoyment out of this and decided to explore my opportunities in the Learning & Development field. Someone who had trained me four years previous was working for Networkers and building a new team with big aspirations. The opportunity sounded exciting and after a smooth interview process I was in the door.

Describe your Gattaca career so far.
I joined Gattaca in 2015 and I’m lucky to have joined when I did. There has been a huge amount of investment across the business especially in the Learning & Development team which has grown from four to eight people across our three UK offices in London, Bromley and Whiteley. I’ve gained an insight into recruitment across the I.T., Telecoms and Engineering industries both domestic and overseas. I’ve trained hundreds of consultants in a classroom environment and spent over 300 hours delivering on-desk training to date. I’ve also had the opportunity to visit the Cape Town office to train the team there.

How has your career changed or progressed since you joined?
I started my recruitment career in 2011 and across a four year period I was promoted from a Graduate to a Senior Consultant with management responsibility. I moved to Gattaca in October 2015 as a training specialist and I am now responsible for delivering the full training programme to all new starters.

Tell us about your move? How easy was this made by Gattaca?
The move to Gattaca was made very easy. The interview process and on-boarding experience was a smooth one. I quickly met all Managers and Directors across the London and Bromley offices and within a month I’d visited the Whiteley office in Hampshire. It wasn’t long before I had the opportunity to personally meet and put questions to Brian (Group CEO) and Keith (Group COO).

What are your career aspirations with Gattaca?
The next 12 months for the L&D team are going to be exciting. Since I started the team has grown from four to eight people. During that time our reputation within the business has grown significantly. Over the next year we plan to bed in and optimise what we do. We want to be renowned within the recruitment industry for providing the best in class Learning & Development support.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about joining Gattaca?
If you’re considering joining Gattaca, I can promise that you will receive an exceptional new starter training programme. We have over 40 years joint recruitment experience within the team. It’s our responsibility to take the best parts of what every consultant does and disseminate this knowledge across the group.

If you do take the opportunity to join us my advice is to have clear personal goals in mind, set clear objectives on what you want to achieve, network widely, be humble and absorb information from everyone.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
When a consultant informs me of the success they have experienced from using my techniques.