Kirti's journey: Singapore to Toronto

Kirti Chadha


Job title: Senior Recruitment Consultant

Gattaca start date: March 2013

Date of transfer: 2016


Why did you decide to transfer?
Working in Singapore was an amazing experience, and I loved living and working there, but I wanted to explore the North America market professionally and thought I was ready for a new career challenge.

Why did you transfer to Toronto in particular?
It was an opportunity I felt I was ready for, in a market that I was interested in learning more about. Toronto has so much to offer, and I was excited by the thought of living in such a vibrant and busy city. From a personal perspective, it was also an opportunity to be closer to my family, who live in Canada.

How was the transfer process for you?
It was a seamless move. All the legal formalities and visa requirements were handled by the Toronto team. I also received a lot of support from the management teams in Toronto and Singapore, who made the process a lot easier for me.

What do you like best about Toronto?
Toronto is also ethnically diverse, so there are a variety of activities taking place in the city. The working culture in the office is also great here. It’s hard work, but good fun, with a bunch of very lively and friendly people who make coming into the office enjoyable every day.

What is your job role?
I develop business accounts within our technology markets, in the North America region.

How has the transfer enhanced your career?
It gave me exposure to a new market, at a time when I was looking for a new challenge. Previously I was recruiting permanent placements for the Asia Pacific region; in Toronto I am making contract placements at high volume. I would say I was a 360 recruiter in Singapore, but in Toronto the focus is about winning new accounts, so has definitely taught me new skills and new ways of working.

Do you have any advice for others who may be interested in relocating offices?
Try and understand as much as you can about that region and connect with people from that office before you move. It’s a critical decision and a big step to move overseas, to make sure you have really clear motivating factors before committing to anything. Lastly, be patient, there are a number of legalities and processed involved with relocating, and these things take time, but are definitely worth the wait.

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