Engineered Wellbeing: The structure and components of wellness

Engineered Wellbeing: The structure and components of wellness

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and its isolating after-effects, supporting the health & wellbeing of employees has become increasingly important for organisations; not simply because it is the right thing to do, but also because it has a direct impact on the attraction, engagement, productivity, output and retention of talent. 

Both organisations and individuals benefit from improved wellbeing, through increased efficiency, greater creativity and energy, improved communications & social interactions, reduced absence, increased productivity and better self-esteem and confidence. Understanding and maintaining wellbeing could be the difference between striving and thriving within a new normal – both for individuals and for employers. 

To explore this topic in greater detail, we invited Peter Scott BSc CEng MIET, a Wellbeing & Self-Empowerment Specialist at Elysian Wellbeing, to talk to our client and candidate network. 

In a webinar tailored towards helping technical & analytical minds (such as STEM professionals) understand wellbeing, Peter explored the structure and components of wellness, finding purpose & meaning and useful tips and tools to help manage wellbeing.

Discover how you can engineer elements of wellness into your daily life to the benefit of yourself and your organisation by watching the webinar or downloading an event summary document, which includes all of the tools & tips that Peter recommends, as well as the results of two live polls about how organisations manage wellbeing. 



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