It is estimated that the LGBTQ+ community is approximately 20% less represented in STEM fields than would be expected. And yet… not only is there a shortage of STEM talent globally, it is also well documented that diverse teams are more likely to reach scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations.

In the second of our Diversity In STEM series, we’ll be examining the factors affecting diversity & inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community with STEM skills in businesses. A report a few years ago on the LGBTQ+ climate in physics highlighted some of the major issues faced by LGBTQ+ STEM professionals included a heterosexist climate that reinforces gender role stereotypes in STEM work environments, a culture that requires, or at least strongly encourages, LGBTQ+ people to remain closeted at work and a general lack of awareness about these issues among STEM professionals.

Join our special guest speakers from industry and business to learn more and gain some practical take-aways for your business to become more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Meet the speakers



Rina Madlani - Sales Director & Inclusion & Diversity Lead at Accenture Technology

Rina is the UK I&D lead for Accenture’s Resources Segment, along with her day job as a Sales Director. Born and raised in India, Rina moved to the UK at the age of 13. This life changing circumstance gave her first-hand experience of the challenges that exist for BAME communities.

Rina is a STEM Ambassador and a minority role model within her local community. Rina is doing an Executive MBA at Henley Business School.

Rina won the ‘Woman of the Year’ Award for her contribution to Science and Technology in 2010 and was recognised in the Top 10 BAME Workplace Heroes in 2019.


Dr Alfredo Carpineti - Italian astrophysicist, science journalist, and social activist

Dr Alfredo Carpineti (he/him) is a gay Italian astrophysicist, science journalist, and social activist. He is the chair and founder of Pride in STEM, an award-nominated British charitable trust dedicated to supporting and showcasing LGBTQ+ people in science, technology, engineering, and maths. Pride in STEM and other sibling organisations launched and continue to promote LGBTSTEM Day, the international day for LGBTQ+ people in STEM, happening globally on November 18.

Alfredo has been recognized as one of Attitude’s LGBTQ+ Trailblazers. The citation included “The astrophysicist and social activist amplifies LGBTQ+ voices who want to show that science is for everyone”.


Dr. Craig Poku - Postdoctoral researcher in Climate Sciences at the University of Leeds

Dr. Craig Poku (he/him/they) is a postdoctoral researcher in Climate Sciences at the University of Leeds, who identifies as a queer Black British cis-male. He completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from King’s College London, where it obtained a 1st Class Honours. In 2015, he moved to Leeds where he went onto complete a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences which focused on improving UK fog forecasts by understanding how to improve the modelling of fog microphysics.

Following his Ph.D., he now works on similar research, with a focus on fog over Northern India. Over the past few years, Craig has developed an interest in understanding the intersection between race and climate. He’s passionate to discuss how representation in Climate Sciences could be improved, leading to him to co-lead projects such as Black in Geoscience Week. In his spare time, he likes to get creative which sees him regularly bake and take up activities such as theatre and pottery.


Who is this webinar for?

  • HR/talent acquisition leaders at engineering & technology companies
  • Diversity & Inclusion professionals
  • Anyone who is actively involved in the hiring process



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