We hear and see the words ‘wellbeing’ plastered everywhere but what does that actually mean for technically minded individuals with a highly developed, analytical mind-set? As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to assert its presence, and a remote way of working becomes a necessity, understanding and therefore maintaining your wellbeing could be the difference between striving and thriving within a new normal.

Join our online event with guest speaker Peter Scott BSc CEng MIET from Elysian Wellbeing Services.



Meet the speaker


Peter Scott

Peter Scott | BSc CEng MIET - Wellbeing & Self-empowerment Specialist @Elysian Wellbeing Services

A Chartered Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the Construction Industry and the Founder of Elysian Wellbeing Services. Peter passionately supports a vast technical community via Foothold (The IET Benevolent Fund) by helping people develop highly productive, resilient mind-sets that naturally minimises stress, anxiety and exhaustion.



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