The office isn’t dead. But it is evolving. It’s been nearly a year since offices around the globe closed due to COVID-19 and, although it’s uncertain exactly when a return will happen, two things are clear.

  • Firstly, while there is likely to be lower overall utilisation on a regular basis, the physical office will still very much be a requirement for most businesses to continue operating.
  • Secondly, for the physical office to remain a competitive advantage, companies have a lot of rethinking to do. They must reimagine how their working environments continue to serve both remote and in-office working, and the changing expectations of their workforce. They need to do this while remaining efficient, collaborative and innovative.


Join us for our live webinar on Wednesday 03 March 2021 at 15:00 GMT, or register to watch on-demand.


Meet the speaker

Kate Smith - Head of Workplace and Portfolio Strategy



Kate leads the CBRE Workplace & Portfolio Strategy Team in the UK – a 150-strong group of occupancy management, workplace strategy and change management professionals. Their work ranges from single projects to global programmes, in which they develop a new strategy or evolve an existing one. Kate is speaker at Future PropTech, the world's number one real estate technology event series, and is a member of Women in PropTech and the CBRE Women’s Resource Network.



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