Unmute Your Virtual Presentation!

Find out everything you need to know about key aspects of engaging virtual presentations in this free webinar, hosted by workforce solutions specialist Gattaca and featuring expert insights from Jeremy Cassell of Jeremy Cassell Coaching (author of bestselling 'The Leader’s Guide to Presenting') and Emma Lewis of Emperor Presentations (‘Exceptional Presentations for Key Moments’).

You will gain useful insights, practical takeaways and have access to special offers to help you ‘unmute’ your virtual pitch.

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How many virtual presentations have you watched over the past year that really knocked your socks off?

Either externally or internally within your own business. Each day around 50 million presentations are delivered worldwide – but we bet you could count those that really stood out to you on one hand.

Whether it’s to win new businesses, connect with your customers, or persuade your colleagues about a great new idea, there’s a good chance you’ve created your fair share of slide decks.

It’s all change though - gone are the fancy conference screens, the interactive whiteboard, the gentle warm-up introductions over coffee, the handshakes and chit-chat before you get started, the eye-to-eye contact, the sense of energy in the room.

Instead, you press that button and viewers are invited into your home to watch you present. And if you are not exceptional, your audience will switch off within five minutes. That’s what the evidence suggests.


For high-stakes presentations in particular, how do you make an impact that really resonates with the audience? 

Distractions are amplified in this new environment and the stakes are higher. Failing to hit the spot could mean losing out to your competition, reducing the impact of online client seminars and communications and demotivating your team and your staff.

You’ll know this and yet may not know how to design and deliver a virtual presentation that hits the mark every time!



We will be taking you through the four most common answers to the question ‘what engages you in a virtual presentation?’ and explaining how to put them into action, including:

  • Interesting and relevant content
  • A passionate, high-energy speaker
  • Visual slides
  • Interaction with the presenter or attendees

And there will be plenty of time to answer all your questions, so come armed!



Jeremy Cassell

Jeremy Cassell, of Jeremy Cassell Coaching, works with leaders and teams to improve their confidence and competence in delivering exceptional face-to-face and now, of course, virtual presentations.

Having worked at Pepsi and L’Oréal in sales and learning development roles and then gone on to become a trainer and coach for 20 years, Jeremy has the know-how and expertise to provide you with the tools you need to keep your audience engaged.

In fact, he is a keynote speaker and has written award-winning books on the topic! He works with senior business leaders, head teachers, politicians, comedians, entrepreneurs and law firm partners as well as teams who are open to changing their approach to virtual presentations. (www.jeremycassellcoaching.com)


Emma Lewis

Working in Corporate Communications both client side and agency side has given Emma a real understanding as to the pains of creating sophisticated presentations that really pack a punch. 

Working at IBM for 16 years, Emma developed a passion for presenting and so moved to Emperor to join a best-in-class presentations team where she now helps clients create high-impact, animated and interactive presentations, freeing them from wasting precious time formatting every slide.

Emma Lewis


Who is this webinar for?

  • Anyone who presents regularly
  • Salespeople
  • Managers/C-Suite



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