Is neurodiversity on your recruiting agenda? 

If not, it should be - and for more reason than just good corporate citizenship.

The creativity and innovation of a neurodiverse workforce present businesses with an immense competitive advantage. 

However, if you want to successfully attract and retain neurodiverse talent, the traditional hiring process won’t work. You need a new approach.

Join workforce solutions experts Gattaca on March 31st at 15:00, as we cover the core challenges businesses face - and how you can overcome them.


Who will benefit from this webinar?

  • HR and recruitment professionals 
  • Team managers
  • Anyone looking to increase staff wellbeing, boost productivity and improve the neurodiversity of their workforce.


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Meet the host:


Paul King

Paul King - Managing Director at Gattaca Solutions

Paul has been helping companies design, deploy and evolve their workforce solutions for over 16 years.

With innovation being a critical factor in business, Paul works with clients to create and deliver unique solutions that provide the people & processes that businesses need to thrive.