Benefits of an MSP for IR35

A Flexible Workforce Solution or MSP (Managed Service Programme) is when a company outsources all or part of the management of their off-payroll resource. This includes the compliant supply chain management, sourcing, on-boarding, payment & billing, reporting and off-boarding of your flexible workforce.

Partnering with Gattaca Solutions as your MSP provider will deliver a raft of benefits to your business and address a number of typical challenges involved in managing a contingent workforce, including solving the headache of the forthcoming IR35 reforms in April 2021. A Managed Service Programme wraps dedicated governance, account management and technology, around your process for using off-payroll workers which can improve your ability to find, engage, on-board, pay and report on contingent workers, including solving the headache of managing the IR35 legislation and the reforms introduced in April 2021.


When it comes to helping you achieve compliance around IR35, Gattaca’s Flexible Workforce Solution provides 3 crucial benefits.

  1. Firstly, through our implementation and due diligence programme, we will capture and centralise a database of your contingent workers. Many companies without a Managed Service Programme struggle to know which contingent workers they have on their books, how much they are costing and how compliant they are. Our MSP solution eliminates this issue, giving you easy access to and visibility of your flexible workforce, which is crucial when it comes to completing the Status Determinations you need to do as part of IR35 compliance.
  2. Secondly, our MSP ensures you have an auditable and consistent process. One of the key factors in mitigating the risks of IR35 non-compliance is being able to demonstrate you’ve followed a compliant process and applied reasonable care to your IR35 determinations. An MSP uses technology and account governance to ensure you apply a consistent and auditable process to engage off-payroll workers.
  3. Finally, an MSP gives you an extra set of eyes. As your MSP partner, we are also part of the overall supply chain, so it is in our interest to help monitor the compliance of your processes and help protect you from risk. As recruitment experts, we can offer information and guidance around the IR35 reforms, as well as other contingent workforce legislation such as AWR and the Working Time Regulations.


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