The most compliant end-to-end IR35 solution

by IR35Pro in partnership with Gattaca Solutions.

Have you lost talented contractors due to an overly cautious approach to IR35?

Gattaca Solutions has teamed up with the legal experts, IR35Pro to help put this right. Your company can now attract the best in the business whilst saving millions off your bottom line and removing the major risks. 


Here’s how you could benefit:

  1. Grab the top 1% of talent - Open the door to ‘outside IR35’ assignments and access the top 1% of talent whilst gaining a competitive advantage over your rivals.

  2. Save thousands on each contractor - Outside IR35 contractors are on average 30% more cost effective than those engaged ‘inside IR35’.

  3. Remove risk - Remove the risk of engaging contractors ‘outside IR35’ by taking just two simple steps. (see more below)

  4. Positive ROI or your money back - We are so confident in the value of our service, we guarantee clients will save more than we cost or we will refund your fees.


Inside or outside IR35



Did you know there are two simple legal steps you can take that enable your company to work with Ltd contractors outside IR35, with close to zero risk?

…And IR35Pro + Gattaca Solutions cover all the bases for you.


1. Satisfy HMRC’s requirement for ‘Reasonable Care’ (via IR35Pro)

  • You can prove reasonable care simply by using a professional IR35 legal specialist to manage IR35 for you.

  • If managed with reasonable care all risk and liability for IR35 is passed on down the supply chain.

  • Avoid self managing IR35. It’s complicated and risky, plus errors could lead to big fines.


2. Use a third party to pay the Ltd contractor (via Gattaca Solutions)

  • Ensure all contractor payments are via recruitment agencies, MSPs or payroll agencies. 

  • If you satisfy reasonable care all responsibility is passed onto the 3rd party.

  • Avoid paying Ltd contractors directly.

Gattaca Solutions


IR35Pro will take care of everything so you can focus on finding the best talent to meet your needs.

IR35Pro are experts in compliant end-to-end IR35 solutions and provide:


Expert management

They provide legal knowledge to provide the SDS assessment, draft the contract, the statement of work (SOW) and obtain signatories.


Frequent communication

They connect with your contractors each month to verify if there are any changes that require a reassessment or updated SOW, storing an audit trail of all changes.

legal support

Legal support

In the event of an HMRC IR35 inquiry, they provide legal defence support for our clients.






The IR35 experts behind this unique offering


Martyn Valentine, Founder of IR35Pro

The UK's most experienced IR35 Legal Expert.

Martyn built the IR35 Pro Managed Service to enable clients to proactively take advantage of the opportunity it offers. In his observations, too many contractor roles were being classed ‘inside IR35’ incorrectly, being subject to additional client costs of over 30%, whilst also struggling to attract the right calibre of contractor.

IR35 Pro was developed as a platform to enable Martyn’s team to service large contractor volumes proactively and safely, with a robust audit trail.

"Clients can expect 80% of their white collar contract roles to be structured compliantly outside IR35, with all the cost saving and candidate attraction advantages it brings."


Mark Coulson

Mark Coulson, , Co-Founder of IR35Pro

With over 27 years senior procurement experience, Mark is a specialist in HR, Recruitment & Professional Services and one of the leading procurement experts on IR35 in the UK.

Mark has worked with a variety of blue chip companies in a range of different industries including: Barclays, Lloyds, RBS, KPMG, Burberry, Serco, Vodafone, Centrica, and Merck.


James Parnell, Workforce Solutions Architect, Gattaca

With over 18 years' experience in recruitment and the last few centred on providing a range of innovative workforce solutions for IR35 to a range of clients in different sectors, James is the perfect person to support your transition from IR35 shy to IR35 pro.

I've noticed a real change in attitude towards IR35 in the last few months. Intitially organisations were racing to become compliant and many defaulted to an overly cautious  'Inside IR35' approach. Many of these organisations have witnessed the problems this has caused in the fight for talent, not to mention continually rising costs, and are now open to discussing end-to-end compliant solutions for IR35.