Huw Jones, Solutions Product Director

Huw Jones

I joined the recruitment industry way back in 1986, specialising in engineering & IT recruitment. At the time, computers were something only very large companies could afford and, as a small company, we were inordinately proud of our single, cutting-edge fax machine.

I joined Gattaca in 2001, working on special projects such as our first foray into the Netherlands with Philips and recruiting a large team to help introduce the new Ford Transit at the old Ford factory in Southampton, Hampshire.

I then became involved in one our first managed vendor projects. That was with VT Group; initially building frigates and destroyers for the Royal Navy and then expanding out to cover a wide range of areas such as communications and training. When VT Group moved to the Portsmouth Dockyard and eventually morphed into BVT and then BAE Systems, I was responsible for a team supporting engineering and technical recruitment.

Gattaca has been very successful at retaining and winning new business; since joining, I have seen our people and commercial offering develop and strengthen. As a Client Relationship Director, I was responsible for a team of excellent client relationship managers supporting me to look after our engineering and technology clients. Together, we looked after many high profile companies, including BMW, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, ZF TRW, Ricardo, NATS and Specsavers.

Now, as Product Director, I am responsible for providing our teams the tools and training they need to provide our clients with the very best recruitment solutions. Although it is great people that drive successful recruitment, we are already some way into the era of AI-driven technology. AI and technology-based solutions are already impacting everything from sourcing talent, through assessing their suitability, to on-boarding, retention and redeployment.

So as you can see, things have moved on since I embarked on a career in recruitment and I’ve even got my own computer now! 

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