Market insight & benchmarking

Gaining intelligence on what attracts your ideal candidates and undertaking salary benchmarking exercises can be a time-consuming processes. In skill-short industries where recruitment competition is fierce, having this information readily available is vital.

As specialists across engineering and technology, we can provide you with high-quality market intelligence and benchmarking reports to support your decision-making. To make sure you have the right information for your business we will consult with you to understand what research and analysis is required. Some of the reports we provide include salary and pay-rate benchmarking, talent-mapping and competitor and market analysis.

Our reports have helped both large and smaller scale businesses to:

  • Make strategic HR decisions around how best to resource programmes.
  • Set competitive pay and benefits packages.
  • Improve candidate attraction and retention.
  • Engage with their staff effectively through the implementation of modern processes and systems.
  • Respond to legislative change.
  • Optimise their supply chain by ensuring either master or neutral vendor or a blend of both is set up to guarantee delivery.
  • Identify talent hot-spots in which to concentrate recruitment efforts rather than dispersing activity too widely across a geography or sector.




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