Automotive engineering

Body Shop In line Gap and Flush SE

Gattaca Projects completed structural engineering activity and lead a tender process, owning the creation of the line builder RFQ.

Our projects team created the master timing plan for enabling works of the installation and commissioning of in-line equipment in the relevant manufacturing zone, integrating individual timing plans and requirements from AME, DCBI, IT, Line Builder and In-Line Measurement equipment supplier and installer.

A complete RobCAD assessment was then generated to ensure the proposed robot locations achieved the required measurement points. Bespoke lifting and transfer mechanisms were then designed, which were then in-line with the agreed production costs.

Project Darwin Process Engineering Support

Gattaca Projects recently secured a project to assist Body In White (BIW) with the creation, management & delivery output of a team of BIW Manufacturing Engineers based in Gaydon, Warwick. We developed the processes and manufacturing engineering techniques required to launch the new body shop Nitra, supporting L462 and L663. Deliverables include full L462 and L663 process and layout documentation within i-PLM, supporting the development of Simulation Level 0.

Runoff data analysis

Gattaca Projects analysed demand curves for all parts of a BMW model on an individual level. Individual parts were then clustered together to create a forecasting tool incorporating around 8,000 part numbers that are no longer in series production to ease maintenance post  final production.

Line build support

Gattaca Projects also facilitated the planning and realisation of MY17 bespoke projects and process planning activities in specific interior/exterior trim topics. Problem solved breakthroughs on priority problems and integrated permanent robust solutions. This involved specification, procurement, validation and control.

We then collaborated with the resident team to improve data accuracy on current process documentation through a complex and exceptionally busy product launch.






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