Three ways an RPO can reduce time-to-hire

Three ways an RPO can reduce time-to-hire

There are many ways in which a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution or Permanent Workforce Solution can help your business including: reducing the time-to-hire or time-to-offer, decreasing the cost-per-hire and improving the quality-of-hire.

In this article we explore the three main benefits of using an RPO Solution to improve the time-to-offer.

1. More time & bandwidth to focus on strategic improvement initiatives 

time-to-hire benefit of RPO solutions through outsourcing talent acquisition

Well to begin with, as obvious as it may sound, the thing you really need to improve your time-to-offer is time itself! Few HR & Talent Acquisition professionals operating on their own have the time to dedicate to strategic improvement initiatives around talent acquisition, but with a permanent workforce solution, you will gain a dedicated, single provider who will be accountable for the delivery of talent. This will take the burden away from overstretched HR & TA teams whilst giving you much more control and efficiency than a multivendor environment.

With all of this extra time, you can focus on strategic initiatives to improve time-to-offer, or instruct your RPO partner to do so on your behalf.


2. In-depth data to identify the root causes of time-to-offer issues

time-to-hire benefit of RPO solutions through technology and reporting

Secondly, through the technology and bespoke reporting that a permanent workforce solution provides, you’ll be able to find out how long recruitment is taking you at click of a button, rather than by trawling through emails and spreadsheets as many still do. Not only that, but you could explore the complexities of your time-to-offer based on skills, stages of the process or locations, helping you address specific problem areas.

Getting this in-depth information about time-to-offer and the wider recruitment, approval and onboarding process could be crucial to identifying and solving talent acquisition issues and boosting your time-to-offer.


3. Support and consultancy from an experienced talent acquisition expert

time-to-hire benefit of RPO solutions with experience and consultancy

Finally, getting better access to time-to-offer data is great, but with a permanent workforce solution, you would also have support in figuring out what to do with that information. The best partners will share consultancy and lessons learned from a wide range of customers in multiple industries, allowing you to apply best practice solutions aimed at improving your time-to-offer. For example, Gattaca advises our own customers around the latest in AI & talent acquisition technologies, process engineering, candidate attraction tactics and employer branding strategies, helping our clients improve their time-to-offer, as well as the overall experience of the recruitment process.


Ultimately, a permanent workforce solution will give you the tools and support to sustainably improve and maintain your time-to-offer so that your business is able to access the best talent before your competitors. 

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