Utilising a leading tech platform for Video Interviews

Utilising a leading tech platform to facilitate virtual interactions

Human interaction is vital when it comes to recruitment. Yet many decisions about whether or not a candidate is suitable for your organisation are made on the basis of a piece of paper: the traditional CV.

Why? Well hiring managers are far too busy to spend time meeting everyone, just to sift their first round of applications for their vacancies… But what if you could meet someone in the same time it took to read a CV?

We have a solution for that. Gattaca have invested in a state-of-the-art video engagement technology that allows us to present candidates to our clients quicker, and in a way that better showcases their expertise and personality.

This makes it easy for our specialist consultants to conduct short face-to-face video interviews on our clients’ behalf. We then send these recordings, that can be watched from any device, at any time, directly to the hiring manager for review. By watching the candidate respond in real life to interview questions, rather than just glancing through their CV, hiring managers are able to make more informed decisions on who to engage in a follow-up interview.

By simplifying this first stage of the process, we can also cut the recruitment to hire journey by almost half.

We have already had some great feedback from our clients and candidates alike, who have enjoyed the opportunity to get connected in a more personable way in these remote times.

Whether you’re hiring now or in the near future, we are opening up this facility to all of our existing or new customers.

If you’re interested to find out more and find better candidates matches, quicker, get in touch today.


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