Modular RPO - RPO Solution

Is your recruitment team struggling to keep up with demand? Would their time be better spent on key parts of the recruitment process? A Modular RPO could be the key to scaling up their capability, meeting upscales in demand and freeing up their time add greater value to the parts of your recruitment programme that matter most!  

Our Modular RPO service is built to support our clients’ internal recruitment teams by taking on management of key parts of the process. From supporting sourcing and screening to interview coordination or onboarding management, we can complement your team’s activities to enable them to better scale to demand and focus their efforts on where they can make the biggest difference.  

Our workforce solution specialists can augment your attraction capability with a dedicated ‘sourcing engine’, provide process management from coordination specialists, or deliver exceptional candidate experiences through candidate care managers.  

Key features include: 

  • Pick and choose what support you need from Dedicated teams to manage specific tasks, from sourcing and screening to interview coordination and onboarding services 
  • All our services receive oversight and management from experienced Solution Architects and Relationship Managers working in collaboration with your Talent Acquisition leaders 
  • A commitment-free, scalable service which can be agile to each recruitment campaign or project 
  • We can work under your brand and using your tools to help you retain complete visibility of every step in your recruitment process 


We provide modular RPOs to a range of organisations, from providing process management to start-ups with limited internal recruitment functions to being the sourcing engine for one of the UKs largest defence organisations.  


Key benefits: 

  • Focus your team’s efforts on where they’re best spent 
  • Benefit from process review, redesign and management from workforce solution experts who deliver award-winning candidate experiences 
  • Give your candidates a seamless experience through a provider who operates under your brand and guidance 
  • Our flexible menu of support services can augment your team’s capabilities whenever you need 


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