On Demand Recruiter - RPO Solution

Wish you had more recruitment support to help you grow but aren’t sure you currently have the time, budget or risk-appetite to hire someone?  

Get instant support to meet hiring demand whilst keeping total control of your talent acquisition programme.   

We can embed on-site dedicated recruiters in your business from across our 400 skill and sector specialists, who already have the networks, experience and market knowledge to hit the ground running. They’ll use your attraction tools, represent your organisation and work under your direction for as long as you need.   

With a simple pay-as-you-go monthly fee, our on-demand recruiter service keeps you in charge of cost too, giving you the power to quickly meet upscales in hiring demand with a budget-friendly, no-commitment service.  

Key benefits: 

  • Instantly increase your recruitment team or get started with your own in-house recruiter  
  • Benefit from experienced specialists in your sector and skills 
  • Retain direct control & visibility of recruitment activity 
  • No lengthy hiring processes or employment responsibilities  
  • Reduce reliance on external suppliers (at a greater cost) 
  • Keep a consistent candidate experience by using your technology, sourcing channels and brand 
  • Benefit from your recruiter’s ongoing access to Gattaca’s market insight, training and support  
  • Keep in place for a little or long as you need 
  • A simple, cancel-anytime monthly fee 


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