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An Employer Value proposition (EVP) is the deal a company makes with employees and potential employees, in return for their productivity and in particular their discretionary performance effort. As well as an attractive offering for employees, if an EVP is implemented well it can help to reinforce the behaviours and performance you expect from your employees. 

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employer brand

What does your staff turnover say about your employer brand?

The length of time that people stay at your company, or tenure rate, is a key metric for identifying the value your business provides its employees, and the quality of your employer value proposition. Do you measure yours?

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Neglect your EVP and face losing top talent

Lee Hanna, Client Relationship Director – Infrastructure, explains the importance of a compelling Employer Value Proposition & shares the consequences of not having one.

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EVP: ‘Marketing fluff’ or a real talent attraction tool?

Our resident EVP expert Kerry Jones shares four benefits an EVP can have on your business.

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