Recruitment supply chain management

In the current times, cost reduction and getting the most out of your supply chain are two of the most important goals for any business leader and particularly for anyone working in procurement. Within talent acquisition and management, now is the time to question whether you’re getting the best results from your current suppliers and engagement model. And our insights and events below are designed to help you do just that.




    • How to create cost savings through your contingent workforce

      15th October, 14:00 BST

      Discover the cost-saving initiatives you can unlock through your contingent workforce and how it works in practice.

    • IR35 series – Part 1: What is it and how will it impact businesses?

      20th October, 14:00 BST

      If you’re unsure what IR35 is or how it could impact your business, now is the time to find out.

    • IR35 series - Part 2: What have we learnt since April 2020?

      21st October, 14:00 BST

      What lessons have been learned since April 2020? Hear from our experts and share your experiences.

    • IR35 series - Part 3: How to prepare your business for IR35 in less than 6 months

      22nd October, 14:00 BST

      With less than 6 months until the reforms take effect, how can you prepare for IR35?


Recruitment supply chain management tools & resources



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