Recruitment supply chain management

In the current times, cost reduction and getting the most out of your supply chain are two of the most important goals for any business leader and particularly for anyone working in procurement. Within talent acquisition and management, now is the time to question whether you’re getting the best results from your current suppliers and engagement model. And our insights and events below are designed to help you do just that.




    • How to self-fund business transformation for growth and recovery post-COVID

      Hosted on 12th November 2020

      Hear from guest speaker David Ashcroft, Head of Business Transformation at the Retearn Group

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    • How to create cost savings through your contingent workforce

      Hosted on 15th October 2020

      Discover the cost-saving initiatives you can unlock through your contingent workforce and how it works in practice.

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    • IR35 series - Part 2: What have we learnt since April 2020?

      Hosted on 21st October 2020

      What lessons have been learned since April 2020? Hear from our experts and share your experiences.

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    • IR35 series - Part 3: How to prepare your business for IR35 in less than 6 months

      Hosted on 22nd October 2020

      With less than 6 months until the reforms take effect, how can you prepare for IR35?

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Recruitment supply chain management insights

ir35 first three steps

IR35 reforms for businesses: everything you need to know

Wherever you are on your journey to IR35 compliance, we have some useful insights for you in this article, including links to our recent on-demand IR35 webinar series.

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business tranformation funding

How to self-fund business transformation for growth and recovery post-COVID

Business transformation has never been more relevant, as organisations continue to fight for survival and exploit new opportunities following the impact of COVID-19. But when discretionary spend and cash is tight, where does the money to transform your business come from?

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ways rpo can speed up time-to-hire

Three ways an RPO can reduce time-to-hire

A Permanent Workforce Solution or RPO could help improve time-to-hire for Talent Acquisition in three main ways which we highlight in this article.

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rpo benefits quality-of-hire

How can Recruitment Process Outsourcing improve the quality-of-hire at your business?

Hiring managers are far too busy to spend time meeting everyone, just to sift their first round of applications for their vacancies… But what if you could meet someone in the same time it took to read a CV?

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reduce cost-per-hire

Reduce cost-per-hire with an RPO solution, here's how...

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution could help reduce your cost-per-hire in a number of ways. We review the three main benefits for talent acquisition teams in this article.

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contingent workforce solution saves costs

Three ways a Contingent Workforce Solution can save costs

A Contingent Workforce Solution also known as an MSP (Managed Service Programme) could help you unlock cost savings, provide greater control and more visibility over spend on your flexible workforce. Find out how in this article as we delve into the three main ways a Contingent Workforce Solutions can save costs.

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contingent workforce solution improves visibility

How to gain visibility on the location, cost and output of your contractor workforce

Finding Information about the location, cost and output of your contractor population can be crucial when evaluating the performance of your contingent workforce. So how could a contingent workforce solution help your business secure greater visibility on your contractor workforce?

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contingent workforce solution improves compliance

How a Managed Service Programme (MSP) for recruitment can increase compliance

Contractor compliance is a big factor to manage on your own; legislative requirements are always changing and one single human error can set you back a long way. So with this in mind, how could a Managed Service Programme (MSP) for recruitment help you?

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