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    • Celebrating black history month in STEM

      Hosted on 10th November 2022

    • In celebration of Black History month and our recent partnership with AFBE-UK (Association For Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers), we hosted a free webinar to bring to life the contribution of BME engineers and scientists to the world.

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    • STEM talent trends in 2022: Steering talent to your business in a candidate-driven market

      Hosted on 21st January 2022

    • We’ll cover the key driving forces behind STEM Talent Trends in 2022, how to catch up with them, and how to future-proof your recruitment process to ensure your business is a candidate’s perfect destination. 

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    • Build Back Better: Smarter Hiring in the ‘New Normal’

      Hosted on 13th May 2021

    • After a year of turmoil, businesses are looking to bounce back and grow their teams. But hiring in the ‘new normal’ is not easy. When should companies invest in headcount? How do HR & Talent Strategies need to change in light of COVID-19? And what is the best way of recruiting in this new world? 

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    • Thinking differently: why neurodiversity in engineering and tech is a hidden competitive advantage

      Hosted on 31st March 2021

    • Is neurodiversity on your recruiting agenda? The creativity and innovation of a neurodiverse workforce present businesses with an immense competitive advantage.

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    • Workplace 2.0 | Reimagining the Office for the New Era

      Hosted on 3rd March 2021 

    • It’s been nearly a year since offices around the globe closed due to COVID-19 and, although it’s uncertain exactly when a return will happen, it’s clear that offices need to evolve to adjust to the new working patterns.

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    • LGBTQ+ diversity in STEM: How can businesses do more?

      Hosted on 12th February 2021 

    • Join our expert panel to discuss diversity & inclusion for LGBTQ+ people with STEM skills. Gain some practical take-aways for your business to become more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community. 

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    • Unmute Your Virtual Presentation!

      Hosted on 9th February 2021

    • Find out everything you need to know about key aspects of engaging virtual presentations in this free webinar. You will gain useful insights, practical takeaways and have access to special offers to help you ‘unmute’ your virtual pitch.

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    • Future of recruiting in a post-COVID world

      Hosted on 28th January 2021

    • Remote and hybrid recruitment is here to stay, regardless of what 2021 has in store for us, and businesses need to tackle this topic head on so they can attract, source and retain the best talent.

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    • Financial Planning for 2021: Get financially fit for the new year

      Hosted on 14th January 2021 

    • We’ve partnered with financial planning experts, Eight Wealth Management, to give you a 30 minute run-down of the basic tools to get financially fit in 2021.

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    • The good, the bad & the ugly of managing a remote STEM workforce

      Hosted on 10th December 2020

    • Gain insight and inspiration on how other businesses are managing their remote STEM workforce

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    • Keeping gender diversity on the engineering & technology agenda post-COVID

    • Hosted on 3rd December 2020

      Gain practical advice from our expert panel on how to boost the diversity of your workforce

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    • Accessing STEM talent post-Brexit

    • Hosted on 26th November 2020

    • Get to grips with the UK’s new points-based immigration system in this insightful webinar

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    • How to self-fund business transformation for growth and recovery post-COVID

      Hosted on 12th November 2020

      Hear from guest speaker David Ashcroft, Head of Business Transformation at the Retearn Group

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    • Global STEM workforce trends

      Hosted on 29th October 2020

      Gain access to core data on the STEM labour market and make more informed hiring decisions.

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    • IR35 series - Part 3: How to prepare your business for IR35 in less than 6 months

      Hosted on 22nd October 2020

      With less than 6 months until the reforms take effect, how can you prepare for IR35?

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    • IR35 series - Part 2: What have we learnt since April 2020?

      Hosted on 21st October 2020

      What lessons have been learned since April 2020? Hear from our experts and share your experiences.

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    • IR35 series – Part 1: What is it and how will it impact businesses?

      Hosted on 20th October 2020

      If you’re unsure what IR35 is or how it could impact your business, now is the time to find out.

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    • How to create cost savings through your contingent workforce

      Hosted on 15th October, 2020

      Explore the cost-savings possible through your contingent workforce, with practical examples.

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    • How to exploit digital tech for the new norms of Talent Acquisition

      Hosted on 13th October 2020

      Discover the tech that could transform your talent acquisition process in 2020 and beyond.

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    • Engineered Wellbeing: Introducing the structure and components of wellness

      Hosted on 9th October 2020

      Understand wellbeing and gain practical tips from our expert guest speaker Peter Scott BSc CEng MIET.

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    • Remote recruitment: how to attract, hire and on-board people virtually

      Hosted on 7th October 2020

      With remote working now the norm, we explore how companies’ recruitment processes need to adapt.

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