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From your recruitment process, to the technology you use and from your employer brand to onboarding, HR & Talent Acquisition leaders and teams have a lot to think about in their quest for an effective, efficient and sustainable talent strategy. 

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    • The good, the bad & the ugly of managing a remote STEM workforce

      Hosted on 10th December 2020

    • Gain insight and inspiration on how other businesses are managing their remote STEM workforce.

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    • How to create cost savings through your contingent workforce

      Hosted on 15th October 2020

      Discover the cost-saving initiatives you can unlock through your contingent workforce and how it works in practice.

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    • Keeping gender diversity on the engineering & technology agenda post-COVID

    • Hosted on 3rd December 2020

      Gain practical advice from our expert panel on how to boost the diversity of your workforce

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    • Accessing STEM talent post-Brexit

    • Hosted on 26th November 2020

    • Get to grips with the UK’s new points-based immigration system in this insightful webinar

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total talent mentality

The good, the bad & the ugly of managing a remote STEM workforce

As a result of COVID-19, businesses and their employees have had to adjust to a new way of working. And although there are many positive aspects to a remote working environment, there are also a number of challenges to overcome for employers

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the risk of a bad EVP

Neglect your EVP and face losing top talent

Lee Hanna, Client Relationship Director – Infrastructure, explains the importance of a compelling Employer Value Proposition & shares the consequences of not having one.

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health care

What does your staff turnover say about your employer brand?

The length of time that people stay at your company, or tenure rate, is a key metric for identifying the value your business provides its employees, and the quality of your employer value proposition. Do you measure yours?

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The three biggest RPO misconceptions - debunked

In his latest article, Paul King, MD of Gattaca Solutions describes the expectations versus reality of Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

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reduce cost-per-hire

Reduce cost-per-hire with an RPO solution, here's how...

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution could help reduce your cost-per-hire in a number of ways. We review the three main benefits for talent acquisition teams in this article.

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contingent workforce solution saves costs

Three ways a Contingent Workforce Solution can save costs

A Contingent Workforce Solution also known as an MSP (Managed Service Programme) could help you unlock cost savings, provide greater control and more visibility over spend on your flexible workforce. Find out how in this article as we delve into the three main ways a Contingent Workforce Solutions can save costs.

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contingent workforce solution improves visibility

How to gain visibility on the location, cost and output of your contractor workforce

Finding Information about the location, cost and output of your contractor population can be crucial when evaluating the performance of your contingent workforce. So how could a contingent workforce solution help your business secure greater visibility on your contractor workforce?

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contingent workforce solution improves compliance

How a Managed Service Programme (MSP) for recruitment can increase compliance

Contractor compliance is a big factor to manage on your own; legislative requirements are always changing and one single human error can set you back a long way. So with this in mind, how could a Managed Service Programme (MSP) for recruitment help you?

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