Diversity & inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is increasingly at the top of the agenda for organisations around the world. With diversity and inclusion being such a prominent challenge within the engineering and technology markets we operate in, we’re keen to help our customers overcome the barriers to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce by sharing insights and facilitating events that get people talking about what matters.


Diversity & inclusion events

    • Celebrating black history month in STEM

      Hosted on 10th November 2022

    • In celebration of Black History month and our recent partnership with AFBE-UK (Association For Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers), we hosted a free webinar to bring to life the contribution of BME engineers and scientists to the world.

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    • Thinking differently: why neurodiversity in engineering and tech is a hidden competitive advantage

      Hosted on 31st March 2021

    • Is neurodiversity on your recruiting agenda? The creativity and innovation of a neurodiverse workforce present businesses with an immense competitive advantage.

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    • LBGTQ+ diversity in STEM: How can businesses do more?

      Hosted on 12th February 2021

    • Join our expert panel to discuss diversity & inclusion for LBGTQ+ people with STEM skills. Gain some practical take-aways for your business to become more inclusive for the LBGTQ+ community. 

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    • Keeping gender diversity on the engineering & technology agenda post-COVID

      Hosted on 3rd December 2020

      Gain practical advice from our expert panel on how to boost the diversity of your workforce.

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Tools & resources

Looking to create a more diverse workforce? Start by ensuring your job adverts aren’t biased towards male candidates. Use this handy tool to see whether your job description is inclusive or uses gender-coded language which could discourage female applicants.

gender bias checker

Diversity & inclusion insights


5 Reasons Workplace Neurodiversity is Technology and Engineering’s Secret Weapon

Is boosting workplace diversity on your recruitment radar? If so, neglecting neurodiversity could be a big mistake.

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gender diversity

Gender Diversity in STEM: How can your business do more?

It’s no secret that gender diversity remains an issue in many industries, particularly STEM. However, all hope is not lost. There are still a number of things you can be doing to keep gender diversity on the agenda, which we discussed with our panel during our most recent webinar.

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3 ways businesses can improve recruitment & retention of LGBTQ+ people

Although it’s been well documented that diverse workforces are more likely to achieve scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements, the LGBTQ+ community is approximately 20% less represented in STEM fields than would be expected.

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diversity article

When and how should we promote engineering careers to young females?

A reflection on what more can be done to encourage more women to choose a career in engineering.

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Flexible working isn’t enough to attract and retain women in your engineering business

As engineering businesses try to attract and retain more women, we look at why they need more than just a flexible working policy.

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