IR35 webinars, articles and videos

Our experts will be sharing their knowledge, experience and top tips in a series of video articles which we will be sharing here. Please feel free to spend some time to find out the latest information around IR35.


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  • IR35 series – Part 1: What is it and how will it impact businesses?

    Hosted on 20th October 2020

    If you’re unsure what IR35 is or how it could impact your business, now is the time to find out.

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  • IR35 series - Part 2: What have we learnt since April 2020?

    Hosted on 21st October 2020

    What lessons have been learned since April 2020? Hear from our experts and share your experiences.

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  • IR35 series - Part 3: How to prepare your business for IR35 in less than 6 months

    Hosted on 22nd October 2020

    With less than 6 months until the reforms take effect, how can you prepare for IR35?

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Find out how a Statement of Work solution can solve your IR35 challenges.

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Is your business ready for the IR35 reforms in April 2021? We explain why it’s important not to delay your preparations for IR35 until after Christmas.

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Learn more about the top three solutions our clients are deploying in preparation for IR35.

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Find out more about what contractors and clients are saying about the upcoming IR35 public sector reform.

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View the first three steps you should take in order to be ready for IR35.

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Want to know more about IR35? Watch our video to learn some of the key facts.