Our strategy

Focusing our efforts on four priority
areas to fulfil our potential

We have identified four strategic priority areas to ensure the continued evolution of the Group’s strategy. With these focus areas in mind, there is a real opportunity to build on Gattaca’s many great strengths: the focus on in-demand STEM skills; its core strength in robust sectors; blue chip and long-standing client base;
and the strength of the balance sheet.

Gattaca's four key strategic pillars are:

External focus

Over the last 5 years, Gattaca has built market-leading foundations within our technology stack, operating model, people structures and go-to-market brands.

This enables us to increase our external focus at all levels of the organisation, through key investments in marketing, sales and operations.


Culture was at the heart of how our founder, George Materna, turned a small start-up into a successful global recruitment business.

Intentionally creating a culture that drives the right behaviours will help us fulfil our Mission, reach our Vision and live our Purpose, but it will also, importantly, drive success for our customers.

Operational Performance:

Our key focus with this priority is to simply make the most out of what we already have.

Through automating and optimising processes, focusing on key conversion rates, maximising the use of our technology stack and driving high performance from our people, we can make rapid progress against our goals.

cost reballancing

Cost Rebalancing:

This priority is aimed around continuing our focus on cost rebalancing over the short & medium term, to help divert value to our shareholders whilst enabling key investments around the other three pillars of our strategy; External Focus, Culture and Operational Performance.

Our business model

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Investment case

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