IR35 Solutions

No matter where you are in your journey to IR35 compliance, you can choose a solution that works best for your business.


Your journey to IR35 readiness

Our 6 step process can help you get through the IR35 reforms in the private sector.

your journey to IR35 readiness

Our IR35 Solutions

We have a range of IR35 solutions to cater for your unique requirements.

IR35 Workforce data capture


It can be really difficult to identify all of your off-payroll workers; including what type of pay model, where they’re based and who’s supplying them.

Using our 18 years’ experience in providing flexible workforce solutions, we can provide a full service to identify your total off-payroll worker population and review your current processes.

This raw data will be the bedrock of shaping your strategies for IR35 compliance.


Flexible workforce solutions


Looking for a simple strategy to outsource the IR35 impact and risk of your off-payroll workforce, both now and in the future?

Take a look at our Flexible Workforce Solutions, which cover the end-to-end IR35-compliant workflow management, supply chain management, sourcing, pay & bill, reporting and compliance of your flexible workforce.

IR35 Workforce analysis and assessment


To complement the raw workforce data, companies will need to review and assess each assignment to understand the implications, including assignments which are in scope of the IR35 legislation.

We can offer an audit and analysis service to do this hard work for you, helping you understand the level of risk you’re exposed to and what solutions you may need to deploy to get ready.

Statement of work IR35 solution


If one or more of your company’s assignments within scope of IR35 can be easily defined as a deliverable, outcome-based piece of work, why not manage them under a statement of work contract?

Our engineering & technology services provider, Gattaca Projects, can deliver cost-effective, IR35-compliant project services, by offering specialists to operate under a statement of work with defined project deliverables.



Want to gain visibility of your contingent workforce and its compliance whilst retaining control over sourcing and supply chain management?

Our Payroll Services have been established for over 15 years and are utilised by numerous customers to bring efficiency, compliance and visibility over their payrolled/direct contractors and the process to pay them.

The solution will provide visibility and reporting of your contractors, whilst reducing future tax risk and providing greater cost control.

Full recruitment process outsourcing RPO


Once you’ve defined your strategies, there’s a good chance that at least some of your current off-payroll workforce will either need to transition to, or be replaced by, a permanent position.

If so, our Permanent Workforce Solutions can help you shape the strategy, communications plan and management of any recruitment, to ensure a smooth transition with no impact on your business.

Just getting ready for IR35 takes a lot of time and effort away from ongoing critical projects, and many of our clients are recognising that they neither have the time nor the desire to manage the IR35 changes on their own.

Gattaca’s end-to-end IR35 Change Management & Readiness solution can take away the hassle of preparing your business for the Private Sector reforms and even help you turn it into a positive for your business.

Our comprehensive solution includes dedicated project management, communications planning, and pre-agreed fixed costs, to get you ready with less time, effort and risk.

Talk to us about our IR35 solutions

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IR35 solutions




Why work with Gattaca?

IR35 can be a complex change programme to navigate. Companies need to trust their chosen partners to provide the best advice. So why choose Gattaca? We have listed the key reasons below:

  • Our contractor market insights: We understand how crucial it is to understand the skills market when making determinations. We are able to apply our deep market insights around technical disciplines, candidate behaviours and industry trends to help shape the most effective IR35 strategies

  • We are positive about IR35: IR35 could have a big impact on your business, but if managed correctly it also represents a fantastic opportunity. We can help you use IR35 to make contingent worker utilisation your competitive advantage

  • We’ve been through this before: We have extensive experience in working closely with public sector organisations to support them through the IR35 reforms back in 2017. We can apply that knowledge to manage the change in the most effective way for your business 

  • Capturing assignment data – our bread and butter: We have a proven track record over 18 years delivering contingent worker/assignment data capture and audit solutions through our flexible and total workforce solution offering
  • Contactor understanding: We’re currently contracting and engaging with over 5,000 limited company contingent workers in the UK. This gives us excellent knowledge, accrued over 35 years, of compliant management and payment of contingent workers.

  • We avoid risk: As an AIM-listed PLC with a high degree of focus on compliance, governance and integrity, we are laser focused on protecting our clients, contingent workers and ourselves from risk 

  • We’re sturdy: Gattaca has a robust balance sheet and cash flow facility to manage the migration and management of large contingent workforce populations, limiting the risk to your business 

  • Our range of solutions: Through our scale and experience, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions, including end to end IR35 compliance management and solutions which extend beyond April 2020 to offer ongoing compliance