STEM skill & labour market insights

As they say, knowledge is power and having a good understanding of the supply and demand of talent is vital for your workforce planning and recruitment. This is even more important for the highly sought-after STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) skills. 

Our range of insights will help you understand the skill and labour trends within the engineering and technology markets, so you can make informed decisions about candidate attraction and workforce planning. 


    • STEM talent trends in 2022: Steering talent to your business in a candidate-driven market

      Hosted on 21st January 2022

    • We’ll cover the key driving forces behind STEM Talent Trends in 2022, how to catch up with them, and how to future-proof your recruitment process to ensure your business is a candidate’s perfect destination. 

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    • Build Back Better: Smarter Hiring in the ‘New Normal’

      Hosted on 13th May 2021

    • After a year of turmoil, businesses are looking to bounce back and grow their teams. But hiring in the ‘new normal’ is not easy. When should companies invest in headcount? How do HR & Talent Strategies need to change in light of COVID-19? And what is the best way of recruiting in this new world? 

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    • Engineering careers in 2021: opportunities, challenges and earnings 

      Hosted on 24th March 2021

    • Matchtech discuss some of The Engineer's 2021 salary surveys’ key findings, and offer advice and insight on how both engineers and engineering employers can overcome the challenges in a post COVID world.

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    • Accessing STEM talent post-Brexit

      Hosted on 26th November 2020

      Get to grips with the UK’s new points-based immigration system in this insightful webinar.

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STEM skill & labour market insights

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