Flexible Workforce Solutions (MSP)

Flexible working is a growing trend that can add value to your business, but as much as they can help you, flexible workers come with added complexities. A well designed MSP ensures your contingent workforce works for you.

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What is an MSP in recruitment?

An MSP or Managed Service Programme is when a company outsources all or part of their contingent workforce management. But MSP can also be used as an accronym for a Managed Service Provider, which is the company that is delivering the Managed Service Programme in recruitment. A Managed Service Programme is synonymous with Contingent Workforce Management & Flexible Workforce Management.


How can a contingent workforce or MSP benefit your business? 

Many organisations are now starting to understand the main benefits of using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for the recruitment and management of their contractor workforce such as; reduced costs, increased visibility and greater compliance. Here are some other reasons more businesses are choosing an MSP solution for their flexible workforce management:


Flexible workforce management health-check 

Take our flexible workforce management health-check below and build your business case for an MSP.


Types of MSP solution

There are a range of contingent workforce management models available, depending on your unique requirements:

Master vendor



A Master Vendor (MV) involves having a clearly preferred 1st tier vendor(s), usually the solution provider or a related company, source 60%-95% of your requirements.

Neutral Vendor



A Neutral Vendor (NV) involves having a completely neutral supply chain, with no party being offered extended lead times or a greater level of partnership. 

Hybrid MSP



A Hybrid model basically means selecting whichever delivery model is best suited to a particular skill, geography or unique situation, such as unusually short timeframes. 

Contingent RPO



A Contingent RPO essentially means the supply of contingent labour comes via Client branded sourcing activity and client dedicated recruiters.                                                                 


See how you can shape the right flexible workforce solution for your business 

Written before the COVID-19 pandemic, this useful guide offers insight to the 12 key components of a successful flexible workforce solution including Technology, Cost Control & Savings and Risk & Compliance Management. With key questions to ask of your organisation listed against each pillar, this guide should leave you with more clarity on the decisions you need to make to inform your flexible workforce strategy.

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