In order to continue delivering their market-leading services, UK Power Networks needs quick access to high-performing contingent workers with the right skills and experience, across all disciplines, including engineering, clerical, professional and technology. 

UK Power Networks’ previous providers struggled to find the quality and volume of workers they needed, particularly within technical skill areas.

In addition to this, UK Power Networks lacked visibility over their entire contingent workforce, resulting in inefficiencies in resource deployment, planning, rate management and pay-rolling.

Across all of these challenges is a definitive mandate for UK Power Networks to always maintain cost control and efficiency in everything they do, in order to ensure value-for-money for their customers.






Our solution has centred on reliably delivering UK Power Networks the best technical contractors available, whilst providing a partnership-led approach to continuous improvement based on their business priorities. 

We deliver circa 90% of UK Power Networks’ contingent workers through our own specialist recruitment brands, and have developed tailored talent pools across UK Power Networks’ skill sets. We have also implemented ‘alumni’ programmes to increase the efficiency and cost savings of utilising workers returning to UK Power Networks.

Screening is also key in finding contractors who were suitable for UK Power Networks, particularly in the safety critical environments they service. We ensure that 100% of the people we provide to UK Power Networks have passed a drugs and alcohol test and, for certain roles, a medical test.





  • Our solution continually evolves to align with UK Power Networks’ Vision to be ‘An Employer of Choice’, ‘A Respected Corporate Citizen’ and ‘Sustainably Cost-efficient’
  • Gattaca Solutions supports UK Power Networks with additional activities on a consultancy basis such as their permanent talent acquisition and bidding activity 
  • We help UK Power Networks access niche skills across the continually converging engineering and technology disciplines in the energy sector, driven by the accelerating demand for connectivity
  • We have also implemented a purpose-built workforce management technology for UK Power Networks to gain visibility over their entire workforce and how much they were spending while ensuring that all contractors were being paid on time and maintaining a compliant process


Our employer branding agency worked with UK Power Networks to deliver tailored services to attract the best talent in the market. Our microsite pictured below was built to advertise UK Power Network’s open vacancies and ensured the content and design spoke to their target audience, raising UK Power Network’s profile as an employer of choice.


Jeremy Pearce



Jeremy Pearce is the Client Solutions Director that manages our relationship with UK Power Networks.

Contact Jeremy below to find out more about how Gattaca can help your business.

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