Operating primarily in the aerospace equipment, space and defence sectors, global high-tech leaders, Safran, needed to build a consistent recruitment experience and awareness of their employer brand across multiple sites and business units.

These various sites were delivering different messages and offering varied experiences for Safran employees. They needed some clarity and some direction. They needed to know “What is it really like to work for Safran?”


The Approach


Our initial investigation unearthed the need for detailed research into Safran’s different business lines, to really get under the skin of the organisation. We wanted to ensure that any communication outputs were compelling but accurate, with each message tailored to suit unique audiences.

We also needed to grow the perception of Safran’s employer brand, ensuring candidates had a professional and complete experience throughout their recruitment and onboarding journey.




Four workshops were hosted across Safran’s business areas and sites.  These structured sessions were designed to gain an insight into what it is like to work for the businesses, current perceptions and how could they be improved.

The findings were illuminating; the Safran team were provided with highly detailed feedback and reports.

Then the work really began.

Building bespoke candidate attraction campaigns

The Outputs


Following the workshops, an over-arching message was developed and rolled out across the group.  Consistency and professionalism was key. We then drilled down to sub-messages for the different areas of the business and locations. Businesses under the Safran brand were different and so were the target audiences. Our tailored outputs included:


Redesigned intranet for faster applications and social media to attract new candidates

social media campaign to promote the employer brand


Engaging candidate information pack

designed company brochure


Video interviews to speed up the hiring process

video interviews to improve the candidate experience and save time


Designed emails to communciate with candidates throughout the hiring process

branded emails to send out to candidates



All of these outputs led to consistency, correct and compelling messaging, brand awareness and an all-round better experience for candidates. 


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Find out more about our bespoke employer branding campaigns

Find out more about our bespoke employer branding campaigns

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