Marine projects

Certification of ship structures

Gattaca Projects has completed calculation support in justifying deck installations for an offshore cable laying vessel to DNV ship rules. Installations included a crane structure (13.5 tonne) and other significant mass deck equipment subjected to severe sea state and wind loading.

Seating structural design & analysis

Gattaca Project’s seating design and analysis included hard and shock mounted equipment from 50kg to 10 tonnes, including weapons installations.

Analysis of existing corroded corrugated steel piling used to support a jetty in their basin against which ships are berthed was requested for inspection too. The analysis was to determine the strength capacity of the existing piling and then evaluate some repair schemes to restore strength.

A shell finite element model was created and a strain energy approach was used to match the kinetic energy from the berthing vessel.  A simpler repair technique which did not involve underwater welding was proposed by Gattaca Projects and was accepted and installed by the client.

Innovative solutions

In order to facilitate cost effective outfitting during build, a novel lifting arrangement was devised for the Forward Island of the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers. 



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