How a MSP for recruitment can increase compliance

How a Managed Service Programme (MSP) for recruitment can increase compliance

Contractor compliance is a big factor to manage on your own; legislative requirements are always changing and one single human error can set you back a long way. So with this in mind, how could a Managed Service Programme (MSP) for recruitment help you?

1. A shared focus on compliance

First and foremost, by engaging a flexible workforce partner, the compliance of contractors is a shared burden.

Any true Managed Service Programme (MSP) provider will accept contractual obligations to ensure ongoing compliance of your workforce to an auditable standard.

Therefore, whilst you cannot fully absolve yourself of the responsibility for compliance, you can share much of the burden. 

In addition, you will gain a whole new set of eyes and ears who are on the lookout for compliance on your behalf. Your MSP recruitment partner will closely manage supply chain compliance, and the compliance of each of your contractors, as well as any communications required, to take the burden away from your internal teams. 


2. Process re-engineering to mandate compliance

In our experience, most instances of non-compliance within the workforce come as a result of human error: documents not being checked, details not being supplied and procedures not being followed properly.

By designing new contractor engagement processes that utilise technology to automate compliance, a Managed Service Programme (MSP) can help you drastically reduce the potential for human error and subsequent lack of compliance. 

The by-product goes beyond reassurance about your risk profile. You will also benefit from the creation of efficient processes, which require less time and effort from your staff, and a much greater layer of reporting visibility. 


3. Education and support on current & future reforms

As well as taking on contractual responsibilities and re-designing processes to ensure compliance, a Managed Service Programme (MSP) partner will be responsible for guiding you around current and future legislation, as well as helping you manage your risk profile.

Through regular meetings and forums, your partner should be able to provide consultancy around any upcoming legislation and present a plan for getting you through the reforms compliantly.

Within the UK, some of the most recent legislation reforms affecting flexible working include IR35, the Agency Worker Regulations, Working Time Directive, Apprenticeship Levy and Pension reforms. 

As part of this, an MSP should provide your business with the information to make informed decisions about your risk profile; helping you define what level of risk is acceptable to your organisation.

All of this combines to ensure you are always informed about what risks are out there, and what you are doing about them. 


Compliance is a key and increasing concern for many organisations and aside from thinking about compliance within your own business, it’s also important to consider the level of compliance within your supply chain. With a single MSP partner offering a consolidated view of your contractor workforce and supply chain, you only have to ensure you have one compliant partner, rather than many. 

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