Permanent recruitment process

Your business is defined by the people who work for it so finding and retaining the right talent for your company is key to your success in an increasingly competitive business landscape. There are a number of reasons why you might consider outsourcing permanent recruitment to make a transformational and positive change to your business:

  • Your business relies on attracting the best talent that the market has to offer
  • Your business is on a growth trajectory and you are finding it increasingly difficult to identify the talent globally to facilitate the journey
  • Your candidate and hiring manager experiences need improvement
  • Recruitment spend is one of the highest elements of your corporate budget and this requires rationalisation and control
  • You wish to streamline your corporate headcount within HR/resourcing
  • Your employer brand is intrinsically linked to your consumer brand and one is more positive than the other

We can partner with you to design a bespoke solution that’s not only tailored to your needs, but which can scale or flex as your recruitment and organisational needs change. Our account teams will work closely with you to develop an in-depth understanding of your business, the culture within your business and your employer value proposition so they can act as brand ambassadors and as an extension of your organisation.

You can find details about the three permanent recruitment solutions we offer below:


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Whether you need support for your permanent recruitment needs across all skill sets or for one specialist area like engineering or technology, we can deliver a fully-integrated RPO solution to meet your needs. By choosing us as your solutions provider, you can benefit from:

  • A bespoke model tailored specifically to the needs of your business and underpinned by our market-leading specialist delivery brands and continuous improvement mentality
  • A scalable and dedicated account team, based either on or off site depending on your needs
  • More efficient processes, including technology implementation if required, leading to improved time to hire and stakeholder experiences
  • Specialist attraction and sourcing of candidates leading to improved fulfilment and quality of hire.
  • Improved overall candidate experience leading to higher retention throughout the recruitment process and after appointment.


Project Recruitment Process Outsourcing (PRPO)

For short-term recruitment requirements supporting specific projects, we offer a scalable RPO solution which is flexible and based on the immediate demands placed on your business. You will receive the benefits of a full RPO program, but for a shortened period of time or a defined volume of hires.


Resource augmentation

If you require additional resource or expertise for a defined period of time, we can provide specialist resource on secondment, to work under your direction as part of your HR, recruitment or procurement team. ‘White labelled’ as your own team members, this is a key service which could help you if you find yourself dealing with the following challenges:

  • Difficulty scaling your team to the demands of your internal stakeholders.
  • You want your own recruitment team to focus on supporting their internal stakeholders but all of their time is spent searching for candidates.
  • Your business is evolving but you don’t have the skills to attract the talent needed.
  • No headcount has been approved to grow your team, but you don’t want to use expensive sub-contractors.






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